ands-pid-client is a generic client library for accessing the ANDS Persistent Identifier service. See the Javadoc report for full details on usage.


You can download the tools set from the File Release Downloads.

For each version there will be at least the file:

  • ands-pid-client-??.jar - The compiled project code without any required libraries. Useful for inclusion in other Java projects.

    The following files may also be available:

  • ands-pid-client-??-sources.jar - The project's source code.
  • ands-pid-client-??-javadoc.jar - The project's javadoc.


For instructions on how to contribute to this project, consult the Trac wiki page: Contribution Guide.


The ands-pid-client was developed as part of the ANDS-ATNF project competed undertaken by the CSIRO and funded by the Australian National Data Service.